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In Dedication to our Young People

May I pledge to maintain a
Healthy Mind and Body
Staying away from the Evil of drugs
May I pledge always to try my best to understand
The importance of Knowledge and Education
May I pledge to paint a positive picture of where
I plan to be tomorrow
Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth of my Plans
May I pledge to seek Answers to Questions,
With the Harmony and Understanding that they
Will lead to other discoveries
May I pledge to work diligently
With the Awareness and Confidence
That hard work today will serve
As the seeds for my strong Tree tomorrow,
A Tree that no one will be able to tear down
May I pledge to learn proper languages,
Beginning with my Mother's
Always prepared to appreciate others
May I pledge to gain a better understanding of who I am
By understanding my Cultural roots,
To fully accept who
I am as a Spiritual and Human being,
A Rainbow of many Cultures and Colors
May I pledge to overcome any personal misfortunes
Stronger from such misfortunes,
Always striving to become
A compassionate and wise person.

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